Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dr. DiStefano Dishes On "How to Avoid the Embarrassment of Bad Breath!"

If your breath keeping you from getting close?
Avoid the Embarrassment of Bad Breath!

While it’s normal to get morning breath, which occurs when your mouth produces less saliva while you’re asleep, bad breath can cause embarrassment and keep you from making a close connection with others.  Mouthwash will temporarily mask bad breath, but it’s important to identify the true culprit. 

We hope we’re your favorite dentist in Howell, Michigan…  and we’d like to share the typical causes and steps you can take to cure any offending odor.  Your social life may depend on it!

Causes of Bad Breath

The biggest cause of bad breath is dry mouth

• Poor dental hygiene – as in food particles that remain in the mouth. Food can rot and cause odors.  Food residue creates plaque build-up and can lead to periodontal disease, a serious health issue.  

• Dental infections, like cavities, can also cause mouth odor. 

• Tobacco will not only stain your teeth, but cause stinky breath.

• Foods and drinks can cause bad breath: garlic, onions, spicy foods, curry, fish, some cheese, and both acidic and alcoholic beverages. 

• Overuse of vitamins and supplements, and certain medications, can cause dry mouth.

• Health problems can lead to bad breath – such as sinus infections, post-nasal drip, acid reflux, lactose intolerance and others. 

Cures for Bad Breath

• Maintain proper dental hygiene.  Brush (including your tongue) and floss regularly. 

See your dentist every six months.  

Breath Spray May Not Help!

• Treat any health issues that may be causing bad breath, such as diabetes, acid reflux, etc. 

• If you need to take medication that causes dry mouth, ask Dr. DiStefano, your helpful dentist in Howell, Michigan, about artificial saliva that may help alleviate your symptoms.

• Keep your mouth moist by drinking water regularly or chewing sugar-free gum. 

• Quit smoking or chewing tobacco.

• Avoid foods and beverages that can cause bad breath. 

So… you’ve just learned that your bad breath could stem from more than just your garlic-laden lunch!  It could be a much more serious and embarrassing issue.  Please schedule an appointment with Dr. DiStefano to discuss your concerns and care plan.  As one of the premiere dentists in Howell, Michigan, Dr. DiStefano has over 30 years experience caring for his patients’ health.  He strives to educate his patients and improve their lives through dental care and disease prevention.   


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Your Meds Could Be Harming Your Teeth!

Are you, like many Americans, taking prescription medicine for allergies, asthma, or high blood pressure?

Did you know that many commonly used medicines can have an adverse effect on your oral health?

It’s extremely important to communicate which medications you’re taking to the team at Dr. DiStefano, D.D.S., your favorite dentist in Howell, Michigan

Sound the alarm!  A few scary examples: 

Non-aerosol asthma inhalers contain lactose to improve the flavor.  It may taste better, but lactose is a milk sugar.  The inhaled medicine can coat your teeth with sugar that promotes tooth decay. 

If you suffer from spring and summer allergies, you most likely use an antihistamine to tolerate that runny, sneezy, and itchy feeling.  Antihistamines are notorious for causing dry mouth, which increases the rate of tooth decay, that leads to periodontal disease

Nearly one in three Americans takes blood pressure medicine.  It’s important to take this medication to control hypertension.  If you’re someone who takes this kind of medicine, it’s extra important to maintain good dental care.  Blood pressure tablets can cause your gums to grow larger, making it difficult to properly brush and floss.  This can lead to gingivitis and tooth loss. 

Please take a few minutes and read about more commonly used medications that can have an adverse affect on your oral health.  More importantly, make sure you provide us a full list of the medications you’re taking.  Our ultimate goal is to help you improve your dental health through care and education.   We’re also dedicated to maintaining a higher level of service to our patients so we can remain the best dentist in Howell, Michigan.